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We exist to make a meaningful and lasting impact in the communities in which we live, work, and play.

About Shareapy

Shareapy is a Community where you can find likeminded people who want more meaningful relationships in their lives. You’ll be able build long-lasting, successful connections with others and make an impact on your community through our proven methods of engagement & communication!

You can:

Share your story and build stronger relationships with others.

Learn how to improve in all areas of life.

Get feedback from an experienced community that cares.

Get support for what you’re going through personally and professionally while supporting others in their journey.



We share our personal and professional experiences so that others are able to gain perspective, clarity, awareness.


We share our knowledge, skills, and resources to collectively support one another in our personal and professional growth.


We share our connections in trusting and purposeful ways.


We share our time with others, both inside and outside of our get-togethers and within our communities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Shareapy?

Shareapy provides a platform for those who feel they can help others and also for those who may need help themselves. Whether it be personally or professionally, our get-togethers provide the opportunity for members to share their experiences in order to help one another. If you believe there is strength in numbers, want to make a bigger impact in life, and enjoy helping others, then Shareapy could be a great fit for you.

Are there any specific requirements to become a member of Shareapy?

Shareapy is open to anyone of legal age who feels they would benefit from building meaningful, long lasting relationships. We believe that collective intelligence and collaboration, regardless of job title or any specific set of skills, is far more important and impactful. Unlike other types of organizations and meetings which require you to be currently working, place limits on the number of people in their meetings or membership, we do not.

When and where are the get-togethers held/taking place?

These occur on a regularly schedule basis and are typically 1-hour in length. They are held at places determined by the team members themselves. Regional and national events will also take place throughout the year. While face to face get-togethers are preferred, online get-togethers will also be scheduled as needed.

Is there a limit to the number of get-togethers I can attend?

No, there is not a limit to the number of get-togethers you can attend. Whether it be attending those around where you live or work, or others when you may be traveling, you are welcome to join in on as many as you would like.

What other benefits come with being a member of Shareapy?

Shareapy members will have preferred access to regional and national events held throughout the year. We also have a growing list of local and regional community partners (local restaurants, stores, entertainment venues, etc.) that will be offering special discounts and promotions.

we listen

We Listen.

Listening is important, but it's hard to do well. We create environments which build skills to help our members become effective listeners.

we think

We Think.

Critical thinking is hard. It's especially hard when you're under pressure, or don't have the time or resources to do it right. Our platform makes it easier to share your ideas and get feedback from others. You'll be able to create better ideas faster and easier than ever before.

we share

We Share.

Often we are so busy that we don't have time for anything else other than work and sleep. We barely have enough time to keep up with our friends and family, let alone build new relationships. We provide the space and opportunity for you to share your life and work experiences with others in a safe and secure environment.

Our Team

Scott Kelsey<span>Founder & CEO</span>
Scott KelseyFounder & CEO
Jason Todd<span>COO</span>
Jason ToddCOO
Tim Hawkes<span>CMO</span>
Tim HawkesCMO

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